I am flattered that you have decided to meet me...

I am flattered that you have decided to meet me.  I require the following Screening Options for all new friends via email. Please be advised that all the information will be fully verified before booking an appointment and rest assured that all the information shared with me is treated with utmost discretion.

​Please Email me the following:

- Two (2) references are required including:
- A link to the ad, website including handles if any, phone, and email
- Your name, phone, and email
- How your references will recall you
- P411, TER, TNA, THH, Nightshift handle if you have one

OR Work Verification

Please Email me the following about your:
- Company name, main phone number, corporate address, and web link
- Your name, title, direct phone, and corporate email address
- Your cell phone number


Text only: (415)967-1325

I will not answer phone calls.